Custom Pill Bottle Groom's Cake. The groom was a pharmasist so we made a larger then life custom medical pill bottle for his groom's cake. The pills are created out of fondant and the labeling and custom college logo (University of Louisiana) is created from sugar paper. The groom's cake was enjoyed at the [...]

Wedding Cake 253


Fondant covered wedding cake. The bride fell in love with this design she found online. We tweaked it a little to make it custom for her and her husband. The piped detailing is done with royal icing and then we added a touch of gold accents. The wedding cake will serve 125 guests. The wedding [...]

Grooms Cake 227


Opus Cigar Box groom's cake. This custom cigar box will serve at least 30-40 guests. The cigars are hand rolled and created from fondant (sugar). The labels are created from sugar paper. The cigar theme grooms cake was enjoyed at the wedding reception held in Atlanta, Georgia. See all of this week's creations on Facebook. Cakes [...]

grooms cake 187


Sock Monkey Groom's Cake. This three dimensional sculpted sock monkey will serve at least 30-40 guests. The pilot wings are created out of edible sugar paper. The wedding reception took place in Roswell, Georgia.See all of this week's creations on Facebook. Cakes ending June30, 2012

Grooms Cake 111


This Star Wars theme groom's cake  is a replica of the groom's favorite Star Wars character. Inside is his favorite cake as well, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The groom's cake is decorated in sugar fondant icing. and will serve at least 60 guests as shown. This Star Wars groom's cake was enjoyed at their [...]

Grooms Cake 118


This is the mascot for the company Home Vestors (aka We Buy Ugly Houses). The groom is a franchise owner and wanted a three dimensional Ug for his groom's cake. This custom groom's cake presentation will serve at least 85 guests. Notice the bobble head at his feet that we used as the guide to [...]

Grooms Cake 021


This two tier round specialty chocolate tuxedo strawberry groom's cake will serve at least 35 guests. It is iced in Swiss vanilla buttercream and the drizzle is created with semi sweet chocolate ganache. Garnishing this presentation are two dozen chocolate dipped tuxedo strawberries. This design is very popular in New York bakeries. The wedding took [...]

Grooms Cake 020


These are wonderful chocolate peanut butter confections garnish that garnish this specialty groom's cake. This presentation will serve 40 guests and it is decorated with 5 dozen chocolate peanut butter balls. This wedding took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Grooms Cake 013


This specialty sculpted ball and chain groom's cake is completely edible. All the elements are created from chocolate. This is our signature groom's cake and is mostly ordered by the bride herself who has a great sense of humor. This groom's cake presentation will serve at least 30-35 guests. This couple were married in Atlanta, [...]

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